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Client Interaction

Posted by: Jessica Wilson 8 years, 7 months ago

Have you received customer service that you can rave about? How about service that caused you go elsewhere? For as long at there have been businesses, there have been customers. Everyone knows happy customers are essential to the potential success of any business. In the past, this service mostly involved face to face interactions. As times have changed, so too has the methodology of customer service. Some businesses have switched their communication to be solely digital, but often times customer service can suffer as a result. It doesn't have to suffer. There are ways to utilize both digital and non-digital interactions so they can maintain and improve the level of customer service.

Mobile Applications

Posted by: Chris Wilson 9 years, 7 months ago

Mobile Applications have emerged as a powerful way for businesses to interact with their customers. Consumer Apps allow people to use Facebook or Twitter from anywhere they can get cell service. Mobile Games like Angry Birds have redefined entire business models for entertainment and have even reshaped the way people use their bank. In a lot of ways Mobile Apps are causing the same huge shift that happened when webpages became commonplace. Even laptops are slowly being replaced by tablets that boast longer battery life in a slimmer, lighter package. 



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