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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


The Cambridge based Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) asked Parthenon Software to build new features, algorithm changes, and performance improvements on the analytics and data management tool that supports their physicists at the Cryogenic Underground Observatory for Rare Events (CUORE).

CUORE is an underground particle physics facility operated by an international collaboration of institutions including MIT, Berkeley, Yale, UCLA, Lawrence Livermore National Labs, US Department of Energy, and the National Science foundation. While its primary goal is searching for neutrinoless double beta decay and dark matter, CUORE has the distinction of being the “coldest cubic meter in the known universe” by cooling a one cubic meter copper vessel to near absolute zero, −273.144 °C (0.006 K) for 15 days.

The analytics tool is written in Python 3 and AngularJS. It uses Highcharts and custom visualizations for charting, and MongoDB for the database. Millions of time-series data points are collected by a number of sensors and input into MongoDB. This data is then sampled by the software tool via an adaptive algorithm to produce graphs allowing user exploration of the data using the HighCharts graphing framework and several custom data visualizations. The software alerts users of unusual data detected by the sensors, in addition to producing real-time charts for the most important indicators.

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SimplyACS is a cloud based multi-tenant TR-069 Auto Configuration Server (ACS) offered by SmartRG to regional broadband Internet Service Providers (ISP) providing access to the Cisco Prime Home® management platform. SimplyACS is used by technical staff at Tier 3 and Tier 4 ISPs who want a cost-effective alternative to the overhead, maintainance, development, and technical knowledge involved with deploying a dedicated ACS. The SimplyACS cloud based device management manages network authorization and the equipment (cable modem leasing, identification, and returns) the ISP's place on-site for the customer.

SimplyACS features administration and billing by utilizing multiple REST API endpoints integrating SalesForce, JIRA, Cisco Prime Home® (the underlying ACS), and credit card payment processing via Stripe.

The solution involves two major components:

  1. Administration Portal (front-end) – Web portal for the registration, device and user management, payments and invoicing, and support and overall solution administration.
  2. Cisco Prime Home® (back-end) – Dedicated Cisco Prime Home TR-069 ACS servers deployed in SmartRG's AWS data centers in East and West United States. The servers are configured for multi-tenant utilization.

Technologies Used

simplyacs simplyacs simplyacs



A Parthenon client, who is hosting a stand alone E-Commerce site for a fortune-500 client, needed a way to utilize the client’s existing checkout processes for the E-Commerce site.

The “CartBot” application initiated a guest checkout cart at the retailer’s site, and then placed items that user had selected on the e-commerce site into that cart on the retailer’s site. CartBot then allowed the user to log in to an existing account with the retailer, or complete checkout as a guest. During the checkout process, the user would fill out required fields, which were then entered into the retailers checkout flow. CartBot also contained a payment gateway, which handled all major credit cards within the checkout flow.

All of this made processing orders, shipping options, and handing inventory levels much simpler for the retailer, since the order to be processed looked as if it were completed using retailer’s own checkout flow. Since CartBot utilized screen scraping, no API was necessary to be fully integrated into the retailer’s existing checkout processes.

The project went live, and was considered a huge success by both Parthenon’s customer, as well as the retailer.

Technologies Used

ShopIgniter ShopIgniter ShopIgniter

R2C Group


R2C Group asked Parthenon to build some special modifications to their hosted shopping cart system (done in PHP/CodeIgniter). This added functionality to the cart to allow purchasers to buy through fulfillment clearinghouses -- when purchasing, cards would be optionally checked against a purchase system, then encrypted and sent to the fulfillment house's remote system. To do this, Parthenon made changes to the codebase, as well as building several complex new order handlers and payment modules, working directly with the following separate clearinghouses:

  • Guthy-Renker
  • Moulton Fulfillment
  • Motivational Fulfillment
  • Thill Fulfillment

This interacted with the shopping cart's themes to allow for special business logic that defined offers, two-for-one deals, upsells/downsells, and other purchase requirements required by a fulfillment-based business model.

Technologies Used


Trust Who / Shattered Crystal


This was a full-featured online E-Commerce system built completely by Parthenon Software. It was designed so that the individual stores could be replicated by the client to multiple locations for different users. The store could run stand-alone, or could connect into a proprietary call center system that ran checks on first-time purchasers after payment. At the height of the client's business, there were 15-20 stores in operation, most of which used the Trust Who identification system, also created by Parthenon. This software powers one of the largest online game code stores in the world, as well as the in-game purchasing systems of several online MMORPGs.

The store included standard E-Commerce features, such as online shopping cart, coupons, product variations, order info, and customizable purchase flow. The system was also designed in a modular fashion to allow purchases using traditional mechanisms such as credit cards, along with a wide variety of Internet currencies and couponcards. The system uses hooks to interact with external vendors or additional data through the order process. It also came with a two-tier affiliate system with support for special split orders and joint ventures.

Because the gamecode sales market considered a high-risk industry because of the ease of fraud (purchases are instant, the product is intangible, and delivery is via email), the store Parthenon created was 100% custom software. The system involved massive amounts of inventory and order data, so performance was an important requirement on this project. Using Parthenon’s software, the client scaled up their business while reducing their fraud rate to less than 1%, which is unheard-of in the industry.

Shattered Crystals Shattered Crystals Shattered Crystals

Women Clothing Today


Women Clothing Today is an E-Commerce site written using Parthenon's custom TinyFrameworkSDK. All site data is held in a MySQL database specially designed to support a site-wide, full text search feature. Social media is integrated into every page so that customers can like Articles and Products they find while shopping. Specials and Discount Codes can be created by site administrators as well, and are applied to a Customer's shopping cart at checkout. Use of these codes is tracked by the site and results can be analyzed to judge the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Purchases are paid via Authorize.NET and listed in the Site's Admin interface.


One Green World


One Green World is an E-Commerce site migrated from a stock osCommerce install and was written using Parthenon's custom TinyFrameworkSDK. All site data is stored in a MySQL database synced with an in-store, legacy FileMaker system for catalog updates, inventory management and order fulfillment. Each product can be assigned Custom Fields with data specific to the plant. Weight and volume data is then passed to the shipping system that allows customers to select their desired method of delivery based on prices directly from Fedex and USPS systems.

A regular Newsletter containing the latest news is emailed to customer's automatically, and can be updated and published directly from Admin Tools available to the owners and employees. Blog Articles and recipes can be published with the built in CMS. Videos can also be uploaded and published directly on the site. Events are listed in a Calendar by date allowing customers to read about upcoming conventions and activities at store locations.

One Green World One Green World One Green World

Stumptown Printers


Stumptown Printers approached Parthenon with the need for a new website that combined print job estimation (formerly handled by a spreadsheet containing their sales rules) with an online ecommerce site. Parthenon created a custom E-Commerce site that handled all print job estimation for the client using a modular series of data-driven sales rules to produce a final estimate that could then be submitted as a request.

In addition to the shopping cart system, which used a modular approach similar to that of the Trust Who store system, Parthenon wrote a shipping module selection process allowing particular shipping options to be pre-chosen based on the location of the customer, with the packaging plan optimized for the lowest shipping cost based on the FedEx and USPS APIs.

Stumptown Printers Stumptown Printers Stumptown Printers

RYZ Shoes


RYZ (Rise) Shoes is an E-Commerce site focused on high end men's footwear.

RYZ approached Parthenon with a request to update their online store's theme with new shoe offerings that they had created. They also wanted assistance with a T-shirt contest through their Japanese partner. We built both using a combination of Shopify application hooks and Javascript.

This managed both the Shopping Cart, as well as Credit Card payments, shipping, and Order Processing.


Bridge Conferencing for Avaya Products


Administrative front-end for conference bridge moderation. This software effectively replaces the Bridge Talk software typically bundled with Spectel (Avaya) conference bridge hardware.

Utilizing websocket technology to interface with the conference hardware, this product provides a fast, responsive user interface to what used to be a slow and feature-limited experience.

This includes a full behind-the-scenes chat system for operators, real-time Q&A ordering, real-time bridge control (muting, voice, etc), multi-bridge participant list merging and control, and integration with their primary order system.

Technologies Used

ConferenceWatch ConferenceWatch ConferenceWatch

Freelance Coach


Freelance coach is a site for connecting users with professional coaches in all aspects of life.

It features a messaging system, a live chat system with pay per minute and free options, integration of multiple payment systems, an extensive admin backend, and multiple custom marketing landing pages with dynamic forms.

The site backend is built out using Django with a PostgreSQL database, and twisted.js. JQuery and current Javascript libraries handle the front-end user experience.

Technologies Used


PDF Share It


PDF Share It is a Software as Service web application that we developed and launched.

It’s a HTML5 PDF reader that allows you to securely share documents online and in real time. It also offers users a set of document collaboration tools to make working together easier.

Because we used HTML5 to build this application, it displays consistently over modern mobile and popular desktop browsers alike.

Technologies Used

PDFShareIt PDFShareIt PDFShareIt

Well X


WellX is a hub for those in the alternative medicine community to find practitioners, advertise to clients, schedule appointments, and generally socialize with others of similar interests.

We built custom CakePHP extensions, WordPress Plugins, and JQuery plugins in order to bring a feature rich experience to the end user. These features include a dynamic drag-and-drop Google like dashboard with dynamic widgets, a contest entry system that allows for cropping images in the browser and automatically sharing those photos across social networks, and a social sharing aggregator for those looking to expand their social media presence.

The social media aggregator allows affiliates to browse a repository of interesting social media posts and immediately share those posts, or schedule the times for those posts to be shared across all of their social networks.

Technologies Used

WellX WellX WellX



We built a functionally equivalent site in Django/Javascript/jQuery to replace legacy code which consisted of over 100,000 lines of perl.

The site allows you to search and find the best deals in motorhome rental in North America or Europe, depending on time of year, your travel route, and your motorhome requirements. The new system is completely modular and can be scaled to include other vendors, countries and continents.

Technologies Used