Managed Services

Competent, Unpretentious Linux Server Administration and Emergency Support.

  • 24/7 monitoring, with alerts going to a top-tier Parthenon responder. We usually find and fix issues before you know about them.
  • Cloud-based backups that get tested for freshness.
  • Security patches by knowledgable admins so you stay up to date.
  • SSL and domain monitoring so expirations don't catch you by surprise.
  • Transactional email from your sites that don't go to spam. If you send a lot of mail, we can help you find a provider that can handle your volume.

For over fifteen years, Parthenon Software Group has built and maintained high-quality custom web and mobile software. As our list of clients grew, we discovered that our wealth of experience in cloud management, systems administration, and containerization made it easy for us to help them stay up to date and keep their applications running smoothly.

Since the day our company was founded by two systems administrators, we have been the go-to source for our software clients in Linux hosting and server management. Now, we offer this resource to you.

We've got answers to your questions.

Is this web hosting?

No; we will help you pick a host if that's something you need, but you'll be the owner of your own web hosting account. Instead, we manage it for you.

What does it cost?

$150 per month, per server.

Why Parthenon and not another managed service provider?

Most managed service providers are sort of like someone from whom you rent a storage unit. You pay them every month, they make sure the lights are on, and that's about it. We're more like property managers; we have a better understanding of what's running on your property and can forecast potential difficulties before they turn into serious problems. Our experience as custom software developers means that we can offer a better and more personalized service for the same price.

How do I know I'm a good fit for your service?

If you have a big team of dev-ops and systems administrators, you probably don't need us. And if your site's hosted on Hostgator or and you're satisfied with the level of service they're giving you, you probably don't need us either! But if you're hosted on AWS, Azure, Linode, or Digital Ocean and you suspect your servers aren't getting much attention paid to them, you're a good fit for what we do!

How do you know I'm a good fit for your service?

We only work with clients that we know we'd be able to support better than anyone else. If you talk to us and we don't think we can manage your apps and servers better than anyone else, we'll suggest some other providers to approach. Most hosts and managed service providers succeed in their industry by getting as large a quantity of clients as they can, but we prefer a quality-based approach -- both for our clients and our own services.

My hosting setup is kind of weird, and the last managed service provider I talked to said I needed to move to a different set of servers before they could work on it. Do I need to move to one of your approved cloud vendors?

Probably not. We manage many different servers for a whole bunch of different clients. Some are in the cloud, others are virtualized, and some are bare metal in a server room somewhere. We can't guarantee we can handle everything, but we are very flexible.

I have some existing IT folks in the office, they're just not as comfortable maintaining our web presence. Can you work with them?


My server has been running kind of slow, and sometimes it just times out. Can you help?

Probably. We have a lot of experience in speeding up slow websites -- at the very least, we can probably identify the problem. Let us know below and we'll get back to you.