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Why Custom Software is the Right Choice

Posted by: Jessica Wilson 6 years, 7 months ago

For almost as long as software as existed there has been a big debate between prepackaged software (also known as off-the-shelf software) and custom software. Which is better? Of course there are arguments in both directions. However, when one considers constantly changing business needs, overall value and overall costs, custom will come out on top.

What to Expect When Developing Software

Posted by: Chad Williams 6 years, 9 months ago

Often times, a company will decide that they need software or a mobile app, but they have no idea what they need to do in order for this to happen. The usual course of action is to put someone with technical abilities in charge of the project. though they still receive guidance from upper management. A situation such as this can be difficult as upper management will want answers, but they haven't gone though and answered all the questions. Software is one product where you can't do that. You have to go through all the questions. You can't just say "Hey, this is what I want. How much will it cost?" There are a lot more variables that go into getting a realistic cost estimate.

Introduction to Autonomic Computing

Posted by: Jessica Wilson 6 years, 10 months ago

A problem exists in the world of distributed computing management. This problem concerns complexity. Ever since the first device was created there has been demand, and as demand and usage continues to rise, so do the complications of its management. Enter autonomic computing. With the main goal of combating this issue, autonomic computing has been touted as a means to maintain the constant barrage of use. The problem is, there isn't a known working model.

Actionable Analytics

Posted by: Jessica Wilson 7 years, 4 months ago

It's a known fact that everything generates some form of data. It's also common knowledge that the usefulness of the data depends on the purpose behind it's collection. Whether it's finding out information about someone or something, such details can carry a multitude of connotations. Thus, the need for analytics. Such services can confirm or negate suppositions. And in the case of actionable analytics, they show companies possible steps to take.

Mobile Apps Strategy

Posted by: Jessica Wilson 7 years, 6 months ago

Think of as many mobile apps as you can. Now take that number and multiply it by... well, you get the point. There are so many apps on the market these days, it can be intimidating. But is it really any wonder given the ever increasing popularity of mobile devices? Different mobile platforms also come along with the various devices in existence today. This can pose a challenge. Consider that there are multiple types of apps that enable different capability and functionality depending on the platform they encounter. Think native and hybrid apps.



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