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Mobile Applications have emerged as a powerful way for businesses to interact with their customers. Consumer Apps allow people to use Facebook or Twitter from anywhere they can get cell service. Mobile Games like Angry Birds have redefined entire business models for entertainment and have even reshaped the way people use their bank. In a lot of ways Mobile Apps are causing the same huge shift that happened when webpages became commonplace. Even laptops are slowly being replaced by tablets that boast longer battery life in a slimmer, lighter package. 

Parthenon Software has entered the Mobile Application field based on customer demand, and we hunted for Open Source tools that could bring our development strengths to this new market. Our search led us to PhoneGap. Developed by Nitobi, PhoneGap translates a common application cross platform to multiple phone brands. We can support phones running Android, the iPhone, Blackberry, and tablets in one project. This allows us to focus on features instead of compatibility issues giving our clients a cost-effective development cycle.

A common smartphone or tablet device is a feature-rich device that has endless applications for the businesses as well as consumers. While the consumer marketplace is being explored in new ways everyday, the business angle remains largely untapped. Components like the built-in camera can be used as barcode scanners, or to quickly communicate with pictures instead of text. We are learning new ways to use mobile devices everyday. Contact us and let us share what we have learned. To see what we have discovered first hand, see our Internal CRM in action.

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