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New Relic launches Python Public Beta

New Relic has launched a Python Public Beta for their Application Monitoring service. Their service already offered a wide range of languages including Java, .NET, PHP and Ruby. Now you can get the same Real-Time visibility for your Django application.

New Relic is a third party service that works with your application wherever it is hosted. It breaks down an applications performance on your server, identifying problem areas in your code, or with other resources like your database. All this data is visualized to make it easy to understand, and offers a variety of metrics that you can drill-down into for detailed reports.

With over 12,000 accounts including users like GitHub, Groupon, Intuit and Sears; they have a proven history. Watch their video for a first-hand look at how it all works. They are offering a 14 day Free Trial when you sign up.

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