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Have you received customer service that you can rave about? How about service that caused you go elsewhere? For as long at there have been businesses, there have been customers. Everyone knows happy customers are essential to the potential success of any business. In the past, this service mostly involved face to face interactions. As times have changed, so too has the methodology of customer service. Some businesses have switched their communication to be solely digital, but often times customer service can suffer as a result. It doesn't have to suffer. There are ways to utilize both digital and non-digital interactions so they can maintain and improve the level of customer service.

Here are a few examples that have worked for us.

Two of the biggest factors in quality customer service both online and offline are in-depth expertise and personalized service. Customers and clients want to know that they are being helped by knowledgeable people who know what they are doing and will take care of their needs. At Parthenon, we take care to hire the best of the best programmers and developers. They are passionate about what the company does and it shows through the quality of their work. Furthermore, customization and personalization are key to nearly everything we do. We are all about understanding the needs of our clients and working to create software to that end. We mostly communicate by email and instant messenger, but we encourage our clients to communicate with us directly, be it through our ticketing system, by phone, or in person.

We also recognize the advantages of using social media. These days, company websites still matter, but they are more of starting point for company promotion. With new users joining popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin on a daily basis, the sites can not only help with promotion, but also give customers the ability to provide feedback. Check us out on FacebookLinkedinTwitter and Yelp.

Moreover, we've taken a different approach when it comes to our clients. For most businesses customer service means that the customer comes first. But what if the employees were put ahead of customers? That may seem counter-productive, but it does work. Primary on Parthenon's list are engaging projects that challenge our developers. We operate under the belief that if our employees are happy they are bound to be more productive, better equipped and more willing to handle the questions and concerns of our clients. The result? We have loyal clients who continue to employ our services and send their colleagues our way as well.

What's the important thing to take away? Not all of the methods we utilize at Parthenon will work for other businesses and vice versa. It isn't always the case, but we've found that while it's important to adapt to the changing times, the key to providing quality customer service is a balance between the old proven methods and those that are new.

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