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Since their introduction in the 90s, PDFs have become a useful tool in document sharing. However, their use requires a Flash application to view them on the web. But, forget about using the same application for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, etc). A special iPhone application must be downloaded. As a result, if you want to view PDFs on all of your devices, you have to download both applications!

Why not save the hassle? is the solution! It's a general-purpose viewer on the cloud. There are no client downloads and no need to create an account.  When you upload your PDF it is immediately available anywhere you have an internet connection. There's even a secure URL that only you know.

The main advantage of lies in online business communication. Project collaboration and subsequent documentation can occur in real time! You and your team can view the same document and make alternations as they happen so everyone is on the same page at the same time, even if all of you are scattered across the world.

With, your PDFs are still copy-protected, but now you have the option of downloading them. You can also add pictures, text and more. You can even set the level of privacy for your PDF. Better yet, you can customize your experience!

The bottom line: What's the cost?

Free Membership is limited, but you will have the ability to download and store up to 20 files. The Premium Membership offers the ability to download PDFs with unlimited storage, as well as the ability to track any file modifications for $19 a year. If you think your business could use an application like this, contact us for information about an Enterprise License that you can run on your company's network including the source code and technical support.

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