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Vue.js is a Javascript framework that gives you a Model-View framework that dynamically updates templated HTML as values change. Similar to Angular, users of older frameworks like Backbone will recognize a lot of the patterns at use.  The enforced standards help keep your code organized and easier to maintain from developer to developer.

Javascript is a very flexible language and that allows you to do many different things in many different ways.  When you have several developers on a project, that can lead to a huge mess.  Using a framework adds structure to your project that pays off in the long run, giving you a more maintainable, testable product.

You can also take your code straight to mobile devices or desktop applications with Quasar, a project built with Cordova.


The organization enforced by a Javascript framework can be a significant advantage for maintaining a product.  Working within a structure tames the wild nature of Javascript and keeps your developers honest.  That means easier integration with unit testing and test driven development.


Performance can become an issue if you are dealing with large amounts of data that changes rapidly.  There are strategies to how you expose data via API calls and how those updates are recalculated.  In most cases, performance problems can be solved by reworking just a couple weak points.

Frameworks like Vue require some up-front effort to integrate with your project. You can eliminate this overhead by hiring developers that are already familiar with the framework.

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