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Angular is a Javascript framework developed by teams inside Google, putting it in competition with other web frameworks like React and Vue.js.  Backed by one of the largest companies on the internet, it is considered one of the most mature options for Progressive Web Applications.  In fact, Angular was developed at around the same time as Vue.js and React. Like React and Quasar or Vue and Ionic, Angular can also be used for building mobile apps with Cordova, or alternative projects like NativeScript.


Google's involvement means that Angular is extremely developer focused and doesn't require addons to integrate common Javascript coding standards.  Angular is designed to work with ES6 Javascript and Typescript which makes it's syntax inherently maintainable and testable.


Due to Angular's design not using a state-based architecture, large or frequent data updates can cause significant performance problems when updating the templated HTML components rendered by Angular.  In the near future, the Ivy feature has a planned released that will specifically address this issue.  In the interim, API restructuring and optimization can help resolve these issues by providing data that is designed to trigger only time-efficient changes in the DOM.

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