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Cordova is an Apache Licensed software project that uses the webview components of Android and Apple iOS to bring applications designed with HTML, CSS and Javascript to mobile phones and tablets.  You can take one application, designed for both ecosystems, and publish it in the Play Store and iTunes.  This saves massive amounts of time and effort that go into developing a mobile app in their native languages.

With the native operating system UI to fall back on, it can make sense to use a Javascript framework if you don't need an extremely customized UI.  Quasar includes the Vue framework to give your UI a structured, testable format. Ionic gives you the React framework on top of Cordova.


Cordova nearly doubles your development efforts when you are targeting both Apple and Android devices.  This is hands down the most cost effective way to roll out a mobile app.  Additionally, if you have an existing web app, browser plugin or other web based system you are looking port.  Cordova may allow you to reuse a lot of your existing work.

Since Cordova is a layer removed from the underlying OS, it is more testable and easier to run in a simulated environment.  This makes continuous integration and unit testing much less difficult.


Depending on your app, a webview based mobile app may not have the performance for a satisfying user experience.  Games and other graphically intensive apps need access to low level system calls that Cordova is built on top of.  In these cases, a native app will be the best fit for your project.

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