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Quasar provides a UI framework built on top of Vue designed to create applications that can be published across Windows, OSX, Linux, Apple iOS and Android operating systems.  The mobile portion of it's support is available thanks to Apache's Cordova project.  Building your app on top of a framework can make organizing it a whole lot simplier which means it will be more maintainable down the line.  Keeping things organized in a native App can be a lot more labor and cost intensive.

Creating a native app for both phone ecosystems means twice the work for a little payoff in most cases.  Unless you are designing a visually intensive app that need the most performance available on the device, chances are you can save a lot going with a cross platform solution like Quasar.  Additionally, it gives you a framework for your app from the very beginning.  With a vanilla instance of Cordova, you'll need to design your own stack to keep the UI organized and testable.

If you are looking to design a Javascript based mobile app with the React framework, you may want to consider Ionic.

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