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Actionable Analytics

Posted by: Jessica Wilson 6 years, 6 months ago

It's a known fact that everything generates some form of data. It's also common knowledge that the usefulness of the data depends on the purpose behind it's collection. Whether it's finding out information about someone or something, such details can carry a multitude of connotations. Thus, the need for analytics. Such services can confirm or negate suppositions. And in the case of actionable analytics, they show companies possible steps to take.

Python in Portland

Posted by: Jessica Wilson 6 years, 7 months ago

All software development companies are always on the lookout for the best resources to accomplish their goals. In many cases, Python has become one of those tools. A Google search for developer positions certainly yields multiple requests for experience in Python. Why? What's the draw? Python is known for a design that emphasizes code readability with fewer lines of code than other languages. Thus, a developer can work more quickly and efficiently within a safe and secure language. And that's only skimming the surface of what Python is/can do. As such, the prevalence of this open source language has spread across the world including in Portland, Oregon.



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