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A Message From The President

Parthenon Software Group is a data-oriented custom software company. In layman's terms, this means that we write software you can't get off the shelf. For any industry custom software involves storing, retrieving, and transforming data and/or moving it between other programs or computers. This is not a niche industry. Many businesses need this kind of software, and it's not usually the easiest thing to do. We are uniquely suited to do this because we are composed of top programmers who are data-oriented generalists.

Primarily, though there are exceptions, we are not:

  1. Makers of a single product or service
  2. Web branders/designers
  3. Pure mobile app developers
  4. Creators of Facebook campaign apps

What makes us different?

When choosing a software shop, they all look pretty similar. All probably mention an agile methodology, open source tools, web or mobile design and the workforce for the majority of them is fairly young. The important thing you should look for in a shop is what the programmers appear to care about when they're at work and how good they are at it.

Some of our competitors are big believers in a "fun" workplace where "knowledge of the latest Internet memes" is mentioned as a requirement on job postings. Walking into some shops, you will be greeted by novelty gadgets and toys. In addition, there might be a low hum of chatter and laughter.

At Parthenon, we reject that kind of thinking as the anti-productive nonsense it truly is. Walk into our office and you will see a room free of cubicles, and everyone seated at desks made of door-blank rejects affixed to IKEA legs, with carefully selected high-end and specialized keyboards and monitors. It will probably be library-quiet as our team is deep in concentration. We're at the shop to build software, and from the CEO down to the entry-level intern, we care deeply about what we do. We even have fun doing it.

Why should you hire us and not another software shop?

- Our programmers are hired specifically to be general-purpose -- the tests we give them during the hiring process essentially determine who's the best at being given an arbitrary problem and coming up with a well-made solution that meets requirements. The tests are evaluated by senior developers who go through the same process daily when working on projects for our clients. When hired, lower-experience developers are usually paired with a mid-level or senior developers on a project. In this way we assist junior developers with raw talent but lower experience on their way to a higher level in their career.

- Our shop has an in-depth understanding of a much wider range of technologies than most tech companies. Most of the competition is trying to build up their software stack to the point that they can copy it over and over again, but since we're custom developers, we strive to build up our crew so they can either turn out a standard piece of software in a repeatable manner, or take on something they've never seen before at extremely short notice, with equal ease.

- We can communicate with you better, because we've seen so many different jobs that we probably have a better idea of how to do what you are looking to do than other companies. If you're starting a project with a minimum of in-house resources and knowledge, we can get it delivered much faster than trying to either build up your team or hire a lesser team.

- We can communicate internally better, because we're all in one large room. There are no offshore providers with their communication and scheduling problems, and everyone is focused on their task. We use agile methodology and don't do traditional meetings; we also don't have a large bureaucracy. Our code repo, workflow, project management, issue tracking, and client communication are all tied together and allow easy reference, because we believe that the programmer needs to be thinking about the goal of the project and writing code to that goal instead of filling out forms.

- When compared to a similar shop, as a company, we are cheaper, faster, and handle challenges better.

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