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Mezzanine is one of the most popular CMS projects built on Python and Django.  For developers already familiar with Django, it adds a wide array of functionality on top and can be extended fairly easily to support common Content Management use cases.  Some of the basic features include a set of 4 basic page types: forms, rich text pages, image galleries and blog posts.  From there Python developers can apply a theme, or restyle the entire site. Additional page models can be defined and hooked directly into Mezzanine's page hierarchy tool to work seamlessly with the existing options.

For a corporate site that needs to be maintained by staff who do not have a web development background, Mezzanine is a cost-effective way to get a lot of functionality with a strong, dependable stack based on well tested technology.  Unlike projects written for PHP like Wordpress, there are fewer potential security concerns to worry about.

Unlike some other CMS projects available for Python, Mezzanine is frequently updated and builds on top of the Django admin with a minimalist philosophy, making additional development a quick and easy process.  A site built with Mezzanine doesn't need a huge number of extra features written in order to expose powerful, full-text search features or allow tweaks to page SEO metadata.

Deployment tools like Ansible make scaling your site and deploying updates quick and repeatable.

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