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Technologies Used

Mezzanine PostgresSQL Javascript Ansible


We were approached by a client that wanted the user-friendly UI, polished appearance and advanced features of PHP-based Content Management Systems like Wordpress and CraftCMS, but without the security issues. We built on top of the Django-based CMS Mezzanine with features that brought their vision to life, while making content updates and Search Engine Optimization tweaks faster than ever.

Time was tight, so we utilized the basic functionality of Mezzanine as a starting point, giving us basic image and file management as a starting point along with several basic page types and a blog. We could start building additional pages types on top of a strong foundation to meet our client's needs.

SEO and Social integrations were a big priority, so we simply configured additional settings to making sharing pages on Facebook, Twitter and expose all the user engagement metrics with Google Analytics. Since these are exposed via the Admin Panel, no devloper attention is needed when changes need to be made.

Ansible scripts were written to make rollout to a staging server an easy and repeatable process taking minutes instead of hours. When the final product was handed off, these deployment scripts made rollout to multiple AWS instances no problem. One meeting and a few emails later, and hand off was complete.

Python3 CMS Python3 CMS Python3 CMS Python3 CMS Python3 CMS

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