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When it comes to the hiring process, there are multiple methods for selecting new hires. Some companies employ a multiple choice test to see what kind of worker the person is. Others will rely entirely on a resume. In the case of programming positions, it isn't unheard of for a company to administer a whiteboard process in which the candidate must write out code on a board. While such methodology might work for those companies, here at Parthenon we employ a more unique process.

The beginning stage is pretty standard. When we are considering a potential hire, we rely on resumes for our initial evaluation. As is the usual course in using resumes, we get a sense of a potential hire’s experience and their skill set. If something strikes us as a good fit, we contact the candidate. Once contact has been established, we will have the candidate come into the office for a culture fit -essentially a meet and greet to get a sense of their skills in person as well as their ability to work with others in our company environment.

From there, the candidate must rely on their programming skills. This is where the process takes a bit of a twist. We don’t employ the whiteboard method as this high pressure scenario doesn't necessarily lend itself to a high standard of creativity nor does it always yield a candidate’s best programming skills. Instead, we send 1 of 4 programming tests to the candidate along with a 24 hour time limit.

Once the time limit is up, the test is sent to 3 of our senior developers. The developers will then review the test and evaluate the code. What kinds of things are they looking for? Mainly, if the test was completed, if the requirements were met, how creatively the problem was solved, how the solution was reached and if it works. These are only a few of the many questions the senior developers must answer. In addition, they will also get a sense of whether they would want to maintain the code and if they think the candidate will be a good fit. Their thoughts will be taken into consideration when the final decision goes to management.

How effective is this particular course? We've hired some of the best talent in the Pacific Northwest as a result of using it. We've even helped some of our clients out with technical screening when they’re looking at potential hires.

Now that you know our process, are you interested in showing us what you've got? We're always accepting applications. Please send your resume to jobs@parthenonsoftware

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