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The economy might not exactly be booming and jobs are scarce, but there are still some positions that have managed to remain in demand. One such position is that of a software developer.

By the Numbers

A 2012 US Department of Labor outlook software developer employment was expected to rise 8% between 2012 and 2022. And while that doesn't seem like a few high percentage, but it’s still significant, especially when you think about the state of employment nowadays. In addition, a 2014 report from CareerCast shows that software engineering ranks #7 on the list of the 10 best jobs for 2014.

Why is development such a big thing?

One of the constants in life is that technology will continue to expand and improve. This means that all existing software and resources must follow suit in order to be compatible. Thus, there will continue to be a huge demand for developers and software engineers. And what about software that has yet to be created? It’s pretty much a guarantee that there will be more applications and more software that must be built from scratch as new ideas come into play.

Code for all platforms?

In addition to the aforementioned demand, there's also a substantial need for developers that can code for all of the software platforms in existence. There simply aren't enough programmers to code for all of them.

There's a reason each platform exists. They can all be used for something, even if it’s just for specific operating systems. Sure, there are more highly favored platforms, but that doesn't necessarily mean other platforms should be overlooked. There should be consistent and constant coding for all platforms so that they all stay up to date. And honestly, you’re bound to use more than one platform at some point in time.

What about business demand?

As businesses continue to realize the value of software development, the need for development will continue to rise. A simple Google search yields all kinds of information about available development positions. Businesses are always looking for some sort of competitive edge and a way to put themselves out there on the market. Both objectives could easily come from software that is specifically designed and created for them.

The big thing is having the right combination of skills to do the work. So, what kind of skills are currently in demand?

Many of in-demand skills these days include things like:

  • Mobile Development

    • Mobile applications have become more prevalent as the years have gone by. And with people becoming increasingly reliant on mobile devices, we'll be seeing more mobile applications in the future.

  • Web Development

    • As more companies want to make a bigger impression on the web, there’s been demand for knowledge of the underlying workings. Such demand calls for languages like JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

  • Agile methodologies

    • Agile emphasizes developer capability and the quality of their work while also allowing for more effective use of resources and organization.

  • Through knowledge and understanding of Java, .Net or PHP

    • These development systems have been called the “Big Three” and it’s been predicted that most developers will need to know at least one of them.

  • Use of hygiene facilitators such as bug tracking systems, version control, etc

    • Such tools and resources aid the overall development process.

  • Knowledge of Ruby, Python or Groovy.

    • Currently Ruby and Python are popular languages and having a background in them will certainly aid in improving development skills and range.

  • The ability for a development team to work directly with a customer to ensure that their needs are met.

    • This includes soft skills like project management, adaptability, work ethic, communication and problem-solving.


Software development is one of those things that will always be in demand given how often technology changes and the rate of idea generation. In accordance, we will probably see more developers being hired now and in the future. Moreover, having the right combination of skills is key and will make a significant difference in the long run. Given these factors and circumstances, it’s probably a good bet to say that the reign of developers will continue for some time to come.

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